Making Ordinary Extraordinary

Bob Parker, photographer

At the age of 16, Robert (Bob) Parker began documenting, with his 35mm camera, the revealing element light. Every changing moment brings a new experience, a new revelation. He soon be- gan to notice, through intentional looking, that the ordinary is never truly ordinary. His personal explorations through the use of black and white, color and infrared film, under his knowing skill captures surprising insights about our rural Southern landscape, architecture and possessions.

Sometimes using special filters and infrared film Parker assists the viewer to see a wide variety of light not in our normal visual spectrum. These photos reveal galaxies, monsters and even “inner space”. Making the ordinary extraordinary is the gift that Bob Parker brings to the art of photography. Objects, scenes and events viewed on a daily basis are noticed for their unique- ness and peculiar beauty by the talent of this exceptional artist. Bob will be present at the Opening Reception.

Free and open to the public, The Center for Art & Rehabilitative Energies will host a Re- ception to honor Bob and his artistic photography on May 8th. The reception, with light refreshments, begins at 2 P.M. The Center is located at 3696 Pearl Street in Shellman, Geor- gia and is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 2 – 6 P.M. The exhibition will extend through July 3rd, 2016image001.jpgHood Ornament B. Parker.jpgimg003-16x24.jpg

By special appointment The Center is open for group visits and tours. For further information about this exhibition or to set up a group visit please call 229 679-5069 or email rpryb@wind- Please leave your name and phone number for a return call.


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